Yotam Peled

Boys don't cry

Performance | Tanz | ISR

I am afraid that if I stop moving, I will feel it all. It will sink inside - the loneliness, the impotence, the taste of tears that goes down the throat. So I never stop - from a party to another, from one man to another, never leaving enough space to feel the void. 'Boys Don't Cry' reflects on old and new perceptions of masculinity, through a journey in the memory lane of a man in transition. It is a catharsis, a realization that one will never fit society’s expectations of him, and exactly at that moment - he is granted absolute freedom.

The solo has been partially created in September 2015 in a residency performance program in Awaji Island, Japan, where it received the audience award. It had a pre-premiere in the Black Box theater in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2016. It premiered in April 2017 in the Ufer Studios, Berlin, and Since then it has been performed in Let me In festival in Berlin (August 2017), Solocoreografico festival in Torino and Frankfurt (January 2018), SoloDuo festival in Cologne (May 2018), AltoFest in Naples (July 2018), tanzSpeicher Würzburg (October 2018), where is received the Jury’s 3rd prize, Masdanza in the Canary Islands (October 2018), where it received the Jury’s special mention award, and Unfolding Kafka (November 2019) in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Yotam Peled was born in 1989, in a Kibbutz in the north of Israel. Since childhood he has practiced fine arts, athletics, and Capoeira. At the age of 21, after finishing service in the Israeli defense forces, he began dancing, and later on pursued higher education in contemporary circus, theater and dance.

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