I was painting a landscape in my dream

Performance | Installation | DE, TR

Nowadays artists are always asked by friends, family; How do you earn a living in your line of work? As a young artist it is hard to answer this question today. Because artists are working in many jobs besides making art. I dreamed a strategy for selling one of my art pieces and I was painting a landscape in my dream. I invite people to sew an imaginary landscape together with me. A landscape which is liveable for everyone.

The work not only creates a platform to discuss concepts such as solidarity, art markets, commodity, an economic strategy for an artist but also invites people to interact with each other.

Kavachi was born in 1989 in Denizli, Turkey. He lives and works in space.


Freitag, 28.6.
12 - 15 Uhr


Samstag, 29.6.
11 - 15 Uhr

35390 Gießen