Burçak Konukman

Integration mit Couch Artist

Performance | Installation | DE, TR

Former 'Couch-Artist', Burçak Konukman is presenting his work on Giennale. In his specific interactive performative sound installation, Burçak Konukman is dealing with the real question of integration. He proposes to open up a dialog between non german speakers (auslanders) and german speakers to talk about real integration into German society.

„The host who is a guest, is what Konukman means in English and our guest is Burçak Konukman himself as he invites us to get to know him a little bit.“ This quote of Konukman's first solo exhibition in Germany at vasistas, project space, Dresden, 2015, summarizes the topics he has been working on in the past. „For Konukman art is a pilgrimage, a voyage and a search of an engram“, as the artist states. For the past years he had been travelling between Turkey and Germany and was exploring topics of being an artist in the neo liberal art market, coming to Europe as an outsider and dealing with the 'inside-questions' but also with being a guest – especially in connection with his last name. Since January 2018 Konukman is living in Gießen and taking German courses. Since then he deals with integration. In the process Konukman has been enstranged from his last name, not only because institutions, like insurance companies, are unable to spell it but also he is becoming more and more frustrated with being considered an 'Ausländer' or 'just a guest' all the time. Konukman creates his couch installation with Integration prüfung books - vom BAMF zugelassen - with some microphones.

Burçak Konukman (*1984 in Ankara) is currently living in Gießen and was chosen as the most funny person who can sit and lay on a couch and not doing anything special.


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