The She's


Musik | Garage-Pop | USA

One of San Francisco's favourite all female garage rippers come to Europe and Germany for the first time!

Mixing reverb-drenched jangly guitars with sun-soaked harmonies reminiscent of 60’s pop and surf bands, along with a plethora of influences from more fuzzed-out contemporary artists, The She’s have crafted a unique sound: sometimes happy-go-lucky, sometimes gloomy/melancholy, all around brilliant; a testament to the city they were born and raised in.

Over the last 10 years, the band has played with many of their music heroes such as Girls, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Surfer Blood, and Ceremony. Their last album, which they self-produced with counsel from Tune-yards‘ Merrill Garbus, is called “all female rock and roll quartet”, a reductive description they often hear. By reclaiming it as the title of their second release, the San Francisco-based band turns the designation into a source of strength.

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Freitag, 21.6.
20 Uhr

Georg-Philipp-Gail-Straße 5
35394 Gießen